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Our Handyman Pricing

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Our Handymen are Experienced, Trained, Clean and Respectful! We have years of construction experience and know how to both install as well as repair just about anything home related!

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A representative will give you the cost details for your project. Once you are satisfied with everything and ready to move forward, we will schedule a date at your convenience and prepare our team to handle it all.

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Drafty windows? Leaky roofs? Rusted gutters? You name it and we can help. We have a team of specialists for any handyman job!

Simple, Honest, Accurate

Simple Pricing

Most of our handyman services follow hourly rate pricing. Our technician will come out, complete the work to your satisfaction, and you will be billed at an hourly rate plus cost of materials. Simple. Easy. Fast. If you would prefer an estimate, an estimator will come out for a $175 fee. This fee would be applied toward your project if you decide to move forward with us. Our goal is to be as transparent as possible with our pricing and to keep it hassle-free!

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How we Bill

We try to keep our pricing simple and here is the breakdown of how our handymen services are billed.  

  • There is a minimum charge of two hours per job.  Any time over those two hours will be billed in one hour increments (rounded up to the nearest hour)
  • There is a fee of $175 for the estimator to come out, and this fee is applied toward your project -if- you move forward with us.  Otherwise, you can book the field tech to come out at the hourly time and material rates to work through your list!
  • Time and Material work is due at the completion of the day’s work.  Estimated work is due upon payment terms specified in your estimate.
  • Half Trailer dumpster cost is $450 plus labor.  Full trailer dumpster cost is $800 for Full Trailer Drop off/ pick up service 24 hours self load.
  • There is a materials markup added to the actual cost of items purchased for your project(s).
  • Truck stock fee is $25 minimum
  • If our lead handyman cannot access the work site there is a lockout fee of 2 hours minimum
Handyman Tool Set - tools we use for handyman work in Wakefield, Lynnfield, Saugus, Peabody, Andover and more.

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