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What is the Difference Between a Handyman and a Contractor?

A common question we get from homeowners is “what’s the difference between a contractor and a handyman?”.  Although both professions focus in home related work, there are some key differences.  Let’s go over the big difference between these two different professions.

A handyman is someone who can do a bunch of repairs and maintenance stuff around your house. They’re quite skilled at what they do and have a great sense of diagnosing issues when things go wrong! Handymen usually know their way around a few trades like carpentry, plumbing, electrics and painting. These folks aren’t usually certified experts, but they’re great at fixing small things and doing small projects.

Unlike a handyman, a contractor is a specialized professional who is licensed to take on specific projects like construction, wiring, plumbing, remodeling or home improvement. Contractors tend to be more experienced and have more specialized skills than handyman.  It’s their job to make sure that the permits and inspections required for a particular project are taken care of, plus they need to know and adhere to building codes and regulations.

In summary, think of a handyman as more of a generalist who can do a bit of everything and someone who has great diagnostic skills that help them isolate the problem and get it resolved. A contractor tends to specialize in more complex home construction disciplines that must meet safety and building standards, and often requires a permit to be carried out.

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